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Ah, I see. San Diego... I still dream of living there one day. What made you move diagonally from best weather in America to worst weather in America? haha.

Still, 200k on a motorcycle is freaking awesome. A dear friend of mine put 100k on his BMW F650.
The motive for leaving CA, in one word, is "government". The motive for ending up in NH specifically is "Free State Project".
My wife and I are both happy we moved. (OTOH, Our daughter [24] is happy she decided to stay in San Diego.)

My plan with the Monster is to ride it as long as it remains basically intact and running.
If the frame breaks, or the engine needs replacing, the experiment is done and I'll get a new bike.
I've pretty much replaced everything in the brake, clutch, and suspension systems over the years, but the core of the bike is original as delivered.

My goal with the Monster is to see 500K on it. At current rates, that will take another 15 to 20 years, assuming it holds together that long.