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Ride Report 5/25

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    Ride Report 5/25

    Well seeing noone else wanted to ride today ... or at least North.

    We left Plymouth, NH at 11:00 and headed west on 25.

    Hit 25 c west to Orford and cut north to Bradford, VT back to 25 north in VT.

    Stayed on 25 to 302 which was great until Barre, Vt. Decided to slab around Barre and Montpelier up 89 to Route 2 exit near Camp Meade. We filled up at the gas station across from Camp Meade. All looks well over at the Camp.

    From there we flew over RT 2 to Rt 100 North up to Stowe. We took that shortcut around downtown Stowe to Rt 108, that Junkyard had shown us last year. There was a group of Canadian Riders 10-12 of them ahead of us. Some of them could ride and most couldn't.. There was one on a TLR that had the chicken strip down the center. He couldn't lean or turn or do anything except piss me off. Well they decided to bail on doing the notch just before hitting it? Not sure why? They never even attempted it and turned around. They were gone when we came back down?

    Smugglers Notch was a blast. Still had some snow on the sides and Stowe had quite a bit of snow left.

    Turned back around and did 100 south to all the way through Sugarbush where we had lunch. Continued south all the way to Route 107 where we actually saw the first LEO of the day. Thank god we were slowing down to turn left onto 107 otherwise???

    Continued on 107 to 89, where we decided to slab back to NH because of lack of time. Took 89 south to Route 4 Caanan, NH where we took 118 north back to 25 east back to Plymouth. Arrived back home right at 6:00 pm.

    260 miles for the day. Route 100 was a blast and there weren't too many taurons! A great day overall.

    Hey Randy was that you on 89 going north?

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    Ride Report 5/25

    sounds like you had a ton of fun,, nothing like good roads and a lack of Leo's to add to the days fun

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    Ride Report 5/25

    very well coulda been, I visited my parents in Hinesburg, I left home about 2 pm, I woulda been northbound on 89 about 330-400
    Hornetown Rd
    Ridge rd
    NH Rt11
    Blackmer Blvd (name according to Delorme Atlas)
    Rt 100
    Rt 17
    Huntington road
    Hinesburg Hollow Road
    Lincoln hill Rd (gravel)
    North Road
    Magee Hill Rd (gravel)

    the route back
    Pond Road (gravel)
    CVU road
    VT Rt116
    VT Rt 17
    Vt Rt 100
    Roxbury mountain road (some gravel)
    Vt RT12A
    Vt Rt66
    VT Rt14
    Chelsea Mtn Road (sweet if it had good pavement)
    VT Rt110
    Vt Rt14
    Nh Rt12A
    NH Rt120
    NH Rt11
    Nh Rt140
    Shannon Rd
    White Oaks rd
    Nh Rt28
    North Barnstead Rd
    Old Rochester Rd (gravel)
    Muchadoo Hill Rd (mostly gravel)
    Ten rod Road (gravel)
    Hornetown Rd

    A day of exploring

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